Hafen Park, Splash Pad Grand Opening Friday

Summer time is right around the corner, making it the ideal time for the opening of the new splash pad at Hafen Park.


As of Tuesday afternoon, crews with Kokopelli Landscaping and Heritage Electric were working out the final details in the new splash pad’s operations. By tomorrow’s opening, there will be nozzles and other water spraying tools in place for users to enjoy while keeping cool this summer. Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

We are proud to announce that City officials will be cutting the ribbon on the new splash pad at Hafen Park on Friday, May 22, 2015. “Cutting the ribbon will allow us to get the formal ceremony out of the way and have Hafen Park Splash Pad open for the entire summer,” stated Mayor Allan Litman. “This is a momentous occasion for our entire community. It wouldn’t have been possible without the participation and dedication of the City Staff and the CDBG” “I also feel very strongly that community development leads the entire community to an enhanced economic development for the future”, added Litman.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at 3:30 p.m. Friday, May 22, 2015 at Hafen Park, located at 450 Hafen Lane., where the new splash pad will be open to the public.

“This is an exciting time for The City of Mesquite,” said Nicholas F. Montoya, Interim Director. “We want to give a special thanks to the Mayor, City Council, Dr. Brian Paulson, CDBG Community Development Coordinator, Public Works Director, Bill Tanner and the Athletic & Leisure Services Department.”

The Hafen Splash Pad project was mainly funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) the Community Resources Management Division of Clark County, Nevada and City funds. The project has been underway and in planning stages for almost a year, the facility includes an open lawn, the walking trail around the facility, a pavilion, nearby picnic areas, basketball court and shade canopy by the fish pond nearby. The Splash Pad is an above-ground play area with various water fountains and streams; it combines different water movements to entertain users.

Hafen Park splash pad will be open for public use after the ceremony. Children are encouraged to wear their swimsuits to the ribbon-cutting ceremony so they can play in the splash pad afterward. There will be hamburgers and hot dogs being served free to community after the ceremonies, cooked by the Mesquite Fire Department.


  1. QueenKay says:

    That’s great, but, lining the splash pads with that kind of cement makes the ground slippery when wet and makes for A LOT of falls. I see it all the time out at the Bunkerville park and constantly am monitoring kids because parents are too busy with their faces in their phones to notice if a kid is running and slips. When my son was 1, he slipped and we heard a HUGE crack!!! it is scary! I also think having a pond without a fence around it at a park that is intended for families and children to play at, is just an accident waiting to happen. Does a baby have to drown before something is done first? why not fence it NOW , before a child drowns or loses their life?? C’mon Mesquite, I know this is a gambling town that caters to the retired community and having stuff for families to do is newer, but lets make it safe for our kids

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