Earthquake rocks Mesquite ???


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There’s a rumble rolling through town… check back for more details!

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The Earthquake was centered 48 miles north of Mesquite with a measure of 5.4.

The waves from the quake could be felt in Moapa as well as St. George.

Update as of 1:30 p.m.:

Since the initial earthquake of 5.4 magnitude was felt at 11:47, the website reports about 12 smaller quakes ranging from 1.5 to 3.8 magnitude in the surrounding areas. Activity is likely to continue for several hours or days.

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  1. Tim Castille says:

    Felt it in Sun City.

  2. Carol Thatcher says:

    My office chair shook once and that was it, live by Smith’s.

  3. I was setting at a poker machine in Casa Blanca and stool started moving for a few seconds and then seem to stop and then a shorter segment again.

  4. I felt it sitting out in the patio.

  5. Judy G. says:

    Was sitting in a recliner and felt it. Was a gentle tremor and not a jolt. My cat felt it and he looked up. He wasn’t real enthused. Have felt them before in Carson City and Alaska, but this was a first in Mesquite. If they start fracking NV, I am sure we will have many more.

    • Wanda Eckhardt says:

      I felt it in my home on Bulldog drive. First a small shaking, then one that shook the whole house. Just lasted a few seconds.

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