Streets of Mesquite April 12 – 18, 2015

Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats.
This week, there were 197 total incidents in the blotter:
Agency Assistance 13
Alarm 8
Animal Adopt 1
Animal Complaint 19
Animal Drop Off 3
Animal Euth 3
Animal Noise 3
Animal Pickup 3
Animal Release 3
Background Ivestigation 1
Battery on Person 2
Burglary 1
Citizen Assist 9
Civil Dispute 1
Civil Matter 3
Controlled Substance Problem 2
Dead Body 1
Disorderly Conduct 1
Disturbance of School 1
Domestic Trouble 2
Driving Under the Influence 4
Fireworks 1
Found Person 1
Found Property 1
Fraud 3
Graffiti 1
Hit & Run 1
Information Report 1
Intoxicated Person 2
Juvenile Problem 1
Loitering 1
Lost Property 2
Minor Gambling 1
Noise Disturbance 2
Panhandling 3
Person On Foot 1
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 4
Reckless Driver 2
Search Warrant 1
Sex Offender Verification 2
Sexual Assault 1
Special Event Detail 1
Stolen Vehicle 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 5
Suspicious/Pers 5
Suspicious/Veh 6
Theft 4
Theft From Veh 1
Threatening 3
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 3
Traffic accident W/O injury 3
Traffic Problem 4
Traffic Stop 2
Transport 12
Trespassing 3
Truancy 5
Unknown problem 2
Unsecure Premise 1
Vandalism 1
VIN Number Inspection 8
Wanted Person 2
Weapon Offense 2
Welfare Check 7

Editor’s note: The following was taken from the pages of the Mesquite Police Department blotter for April 12 – 18, 2015.

April 12:

Traffic Accident w/ Damage: Officers responded to a non-injury traffic accident on Riverside Rd. A report was taken and a citation was issued to a male driver.

April 13:

Juvenile Problem: Officer conducted a welfare check on a truant student on E First North St. Parents were unaware of student’s location. Parent cited for allowing truancy after notice.

Theft: An officer responded to the police department lobby reference stolen property from Chaparral Dr. A report was taken.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a non-injury traffic accident on N. Grapevine Rd.  A report was taken and a citation was issued to a male driver.

Truancy: Truant student was cited for truancy.

Truancy: Truant student was cited for truancy.

Dead Body: Officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex on Mesa Blvd for a reported deceased adult female. Officers located the female who was deceased.  The corner’s office was contacted and the scene was released to them.

Disorderly Conduct: Officers responded to a Bertha Howe Ave business for a male subject causing a disturbance. A male was arrested for breach of peace.

April 14:

Graffiti: An Officer responded to public property under the Grapevine Road overpass reference graffiti.

Truancy: Truant student was cited for truancy.

Truancy: Truant student was cited at home and brought to school.

Disturbance of School: Student created disturbance at school and was cited.

Property Damage, Non Vandalism: Police responded to a report of vandalism to a vehicle on W Mesquite Blvd. A citation was completed and will be served to the suspect when located.

Theft from Vehicle: Officers responded to a Desert Dr residence for a report of theft of a laptop computer from a motor vehicle. A report was taken.

Theft: Officers responded to a Mesa Blvd casino reference theft.

April 15:

Information Report: An officer was dispatched to the police department, in reference to a fraud.

Wanted Person: A male subject walked into the Mesquite Justice Facility on Hillside Dr. and turned himself in on a local active misdemeanor warrant.

Property Damage, Non Vandalism: R/p reporting damage to the window of a W Mesquite Blvd building report taken.

Battery on Person: An officer was dispatched to a Branding Iron Trail residence in reference to a possible suicidal person.  An adult female subject was later taken into custody for domestic battery.

Domestic Trouble: Officers responded to a report of two adult males fighting on Mesa Blvd. One adult male was arrested for domestic battery.

Traffic accident W/O injury: A Mesquite Officer was involved in a minor traffic accident on private property on N Sandhill Blvd. NHP Officers responded and conducted an investigation.

Battery on Person: Officers responded to a Topaz Ln neighborhood on a report of an adult female committing battery on a juvenile male. One adult female was issued a citation for battery based on witness statements and the juvenile’s mother requesting to press charges.

April 16:

Truancy: A truant student was located at his residence on E First North St. The truant student was cited for truancy and transported to school.

Lost Property: An officer was dispatched to a Clear Brook residence, in reference to a lost/stolen wallet.

April 17:

Background Investigation: Privileged Business License background check conducted on W Mesquite Blvd

Lost Property: An officer was dispatched to the police department in reference to a female reporting her wallet lost at an airport. The female was provided an event number for her records..

Traffic accident W/O injury: An officer was dispatched to the intersection of W Pioneer Blvd & N Grapevine Rd, in reference to an accident without injuries.

April 18:

Theft: Officer responded to a report of a theft at the high school on Valley View Dr and a written statement was gathered.

Wanted Person: Officers contacted an adult male on Mesa Blvd who had an active Mesquite Municipal Court warrant. The male was arrested on the warrant.

Trespassing: Officers arrested a white male caught trespassing at a Mesa Blvd casino.

Minor Gambling: Police responded to a minor gambling at a E Pioneer Blvd casino. One adult male was issued a citation for minor gambling and released with a court date.

Fraud: An Officer responded to a Turtle Cove residence reference fraudulent charges to a credit card.  A report was taken.

Found Property: Officers booked a bicycle into found property which was located by a citizen on W First South St.

Controlled Substance Problem: Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for expired registration at E First North St & N Sandhill Blvd. Officers later cited the driver for the traffic violation and for possession of marijuana.

Fraud: An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at the I15 SB 122 On-Ramp, and observed signs of criminal activity. An adult female was arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of forged checks, and possessing identifying information of another.


  1. An outstanding Police Department! As a former Lieutenant of Police with a Southern California agency, I am impressed with MPD’s drive, attention, and community awareness. Great work.

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