Poets and Artists are a Perfect Match at Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery

The current exhibition at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is a ‘meeting of the minds.’ Virgin Valley Artists Association presents “Artists and Poets,” its annual pairing of visual artistry and poets’ words. Mesquite Gaming is the Gallery’s corporate sponsor for this exhibition of artwork and poetry which runs through May 2.

James Lanier painted to Marilyn Ball's Contrasts of Mojave County

James Lanier painted to Marilyn Ball’s Contrasts of Mojave County

Judith Hetem photographed an occupant of Merry Bradshaw's poem, Junkyard

Judith Hetem photographed an occupant of Merry Bradshaw’s poem, Junkyard

Judy Heusner's abstract teams with A Webster's poem, Hope

Judy Heusner’s abstract teams with A Webster’s poem, Hope

Tammy Symons created a horse and rider in bas relief sculpture, inspired by her own poem about competitive barrel racing.

Tammy Symons created a horse and rider in bas relief sculpture, inspired by her own poem about competitive barrel racing.

Early in the year, writers were invited to submit poems for the competition. Those poems were, in turn, offered to artists as inspiration for their artwork. Over 50 pieces of art have been completed and are entered in the competition. Prizes are given to the artist/poet teams in which the artist best reflects the poet’s theme.   Mesquite Gaming, owner of the Casa Blanca and Virgin River Casino Resorts, is providing cash prizes for the top winners, as well as selecting its own “Sponsor’s Choice” ribbon winners.   Gallery visitors are invited to vote for their favorite pairing of art and words, with “People’s Choice” ribbons awarded to the team earning the most votes.

All the exhibition contestants will be honored at an open house on Thursday, April 23, 4 – 6 p.m.  The public is cordially invited to attend this reception to meet the poets and artists and celebrate the prize winners. Sally Leppala, VVAA’s Artist of the Month, will also be recognized for her artistic achievement. Her collection of acrylic paintings is displayed in the Mesa Gallery.    Additional original artwork by VVAA members is shown in the gallery and gift shop, with all artwork offered for purchase. Purchases from the “Artists and Poets” exhibition provide the buyer with both a beautiful piece of artwork and mounted copy of its poem.

The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is a City-owned facility, operated by the members of Virgin Valley Artists Association. VVAA’s all-volunteer staffing and administration of the gallery provide an extensive community art education program. In addition to creating all the original artwork that is shown at the gallery, the organization offers art classes, hosts cultural events, and operates a full-service pottery studio that is open to the public. VVAA programs are funded by sale of artwork in the gallery and by grants and donations from generous local businesses, individuals and the Greater Mesquite Arts Foundation.

Visit the gallery at 15 West Mesquite Blvd, Mesquite, Nevada, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. More information about the gallery and Virgin Valley Artists Association is online at www.mesquitefineartscenter.com and Facebook.

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