The Tea Party Perspective

This is my first article on conservatism and the tea party.  I titled my by line “What Difference Does It Make” to point out we can and do make a difference in local, state and national politics, if we are armed with knowledge and willing to have an open mind.

Tea parties all over the country have been under attack form not only progressive liberal democrats; but from establishment republicans because tea party members are not satisfied with the status quo that exists today in government; where you cannot tell one party from the other.

In the elections of 2014 the voters spoke clearly they were not satisfied with the direction the country was heading and were fed up with taxes and government dysfunction.  In AD19 eight out of ten voters said no to the margins tax, yet here we are today looking at a remake of the margins tax, under a new name, brought to us by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval to wants to tax businesses on gross receipts.  Does anyone believe the middle class will not be paying that tax when it filters down to the consumer?  If you do, I have some ocean front property outside my window to sell you.

What is the tea party?  The tea party is not a political party, they are not rightwing nuts.  There is nothing nutty about wanting better governance.

TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already; I prefer to say Totally Engaged Americans.  We are not affiliated with any political party but tend to vote for conservatives.

We are fiscal conservatives who strive for smaller government, less taxes and greater freedom for the American people.  We do not hold these as radical beliefs but to hear pundits, progressives and primitives talk about tea party ideals, they consider us to be radical.

Conservatism is not an ideology, it is a way of life.  We believe in personal responsibility, a hand up not a hand out, we believe in the rule of law, not the abuse of law to benefit special interest groups; be it environmentalists, elitist leftist abuse of the middle class, rightist abuse of the system, or groups who are working towards destroying a capitalist society to achieve a socialist society.

We want to leave the country a better place for our children and grandchildren.  That being a country they can flourish in, be able to use their minds and energy to create a business or invent a new widget.  We want them to be free and we see freedom under attack.

We do not believe in dividing the country into victim groups.  We do not believe our voice and our vote does not count and we do not accept being called radical for holding the belief in “we are one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Our motto is “We are no longer accepting the things we cannot change, we are changing the things we can no longer accept.” Author Unknown

Connie Foust is the president of the Virgin Valley Tea Party and can be reached at


  1. I believe you have described what I would think any and all good Americans would strive for in their quest to hand down to generations, a chance in life! Nothing seemed radical at all. I have read SB252 which is a “fee” version of the Margins Tax voted down by 80%! What a huge disappointment in that it does not even go to Education!! It is going to the General Fund, where we all know it will be abused and wasted. If the funds were being used properly then I doubt anyone in any party would be complaining. I have searched and just am not finding Bills that are removing any waste found by our legislature. (Except the Blue Card in Clark County.)

    Sure wish we could get the Federal Gov and their corrupt funds out of our State! That would at least allow a full revamping of our Education Dept in Nevada. Putting teachers and students first with the respect Schools and Education once had in the USA. Let the teachers teach in their creative ways instead of a “dummy down curriculum” that they are currently being forced to use. (No Child Left Behind and Common Core) The administration is top heavy and that needs to change also. With this revamping the parents need to also accept their responsibility of teaching at home the respect to be given at school. As they say, learning begins in the home.

    I am a supporter of Tea Parties. Some being better than others for sure. Too many have just gone along to get along in their voting hoping for some better changes but being terribly disappointed in the results after the fact, after voting. The representatives lie through their teeth until they win election as I am sure you all in the Virgin Valley Tea Party have come to know. (I am on your side!!)

    Stay diligent! Keep educating.

    God Bless your Virgin Valley Tea Party

  2. Dear Connie,

    Nice job on your first article about conservatism and the tea party. Little did we now when we got involved in this would we have to be reporters [of the truth] too.

    Totally Engaged Americans®

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