OPD releases statement on Audit

Overton Power District #5 just completed their audit for the years 2013 and 2014 with flying colors. The Auditor Mr. Wayne Everett of Hafen, Buckner, Everett & Graff, reported that OPD’s systems were well documented and the staff’s excellent cooperation made the job much easier. These annual audits are important to keep the public and the Board of Trustees confident that correct sales, purchases and other financial information are recorded and reported accurately.

Mr. Everett was asked by Trustee Robert Bunker if there was anything that the staff could improve on. Everett replied “OPD staff sets the standard in good record keeping”. Mike Young Secretary and Treasurer of the board said “it was great to work with such a cooperative finance staff which could produce the correct information within seconds”. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mike Fetherston complimented the entire staff on a job well done.


  1. David Ballweg says:

    I want to add a relevant perspective to this press release. An auditor only reports on the validity of the financial statement and accounting practices. This audit in no way offers any opinion on the operational controls or appropriateness of the spending by OPD. It basically only states that the financial statement accounts for funds spent verses funds received. An audit does not comment or evaluate the overall effectiveness of policies and management of OPD.

  2. Robert Bishop says:

    Not to mention, OPD still hasn’t figured out what to do about solar even when the rest of the country, including nearby Nellis Air Force Base, is quickly embracing solar to save millions.

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