Dangerfield Resigns

In a news tip Wednesday morning, the Mesquite Local News learned that Bryan Dangerfield, the Director of Athletics and Leisure Services for the City of Mesquite had resigned Tuesday night. MLN-Dangerfieldmar19-15web

Dangerfield, who has held this position for just over four years, has brought national attention to Mesquite with the Paralong Drive competition last year. He stepped into the Director position after Rich Bohne had vacated the spot to accept a position elsewhere in 2011. Prior to this role, he was better known as the controversial Economic Development Director.

“Nick (Montoya) will be the Interim Director of Athletics and Leisure Services. We wish Bryan the best in his future endeavors,” said City Manager Andy Barton in a phone call Wednesday morning.


  1. This is a huge loss for Mesquite. I hope his resignation was not forced. He has made Mesquite nationally known and created an economic engine for the area with all the sporting events.

  2. Terri Rylander says:

    Bryan’s departure will leave a critical gap. He worked extremely hard, often nights and weekends, to promote the city of Mesquite and bring events here that also brought recognition and money. I too hope this honestly was his own choice or it will be yet another black eye for this city.

  3. The city needs to recognize that they have the next director in the interim position. Nick Montoya has been a staple in the leisure services department for years. He has the experience, vision and work ethic to get the job done. He has a great relationship with the members of the community and would focus on providing quality activities for all. He would also continue to draw outside groups to the community. He can be attributed for much of the success that department has had. It would also be nice to see the city show some loyalty to employees who have put in the time a deserve a promotion.

    • Apparently you have never had to work with or been around Nick before Steve. He will stab you in the back before you can even turn around. He has no vision at all. He is still trying to live off the Rich Bohne era. The programs suck right now and he barely graduated High School and you want him in charge of a budget and everything else. You are crazy

  4. Carol thatcher says:

    That is weird. I saw him for the first time on my way out and he was carrying boxes to his car. I asked him if he was the director there and he gave me a funny answer like he guessed he was or something like that. I spoke to him about the shower curtains and he said he would tell Nick. I had no clue and he was so very pleasant. Maybe he got tired of never getting things needed still the Recreation Center. The City does not give them what they need to take care of pools etc. Sorry he left and maybe some one will,know why.

  5. I just hope the City is not Stupid enough to give the job to Nick Montoya. He is supposed to be in charge of athletics of the City and they are in the worst state that I have ever seen them in. The adult programs are down so bad they dropped Co Ed softball. Youth sports are a joke flag football should be called full contact tackle football. The Rec Center is a mess. Each time I go in there it is filthy and something is not working. This has been going on for at least the last 3 years when Mr Montoya was getting promoted while no one else in the City did that right there is enough to throw up red flags for me.

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