Police Release Report on Residential Burglaries in Mesquite

In recent months, Mesquite has experienced an increase in residential burglaries.  Throughout the last five months investigators from the Mesquite Police Department have responded to and are actively investigating 30 residential burglaries.

The Mesquite Police Department wants to remind citizens to take extra precautions around their homes, to help keep your neighborhoods from becoming easy targets of burglars.  The best deterrents for would-be burglars are to keep your homes and vehicles locked.  Secure windows and sliding glass doors with after-market locking mechanisms.  Make sure your home has good exterior lighting or motion sensitive lighting on the front and back of your home.  If possible, an alarm system and / or video surveillance will assist in keeping your home from being burglarized.  It is also advisable to notify trusted neighbors and leave them with your contact information if you plan on being away from your home for an extended period of time.

If you have any information regarding the suspects involved, or information which would assist the police department with their investigation, please contact the Mesquite Police Department crime tip line at (702) 346-8826.  If you witness suspicious persons or activity in progress, please call the Mesquite Police Department Communications Center at (702) 346-6911 or dial 911 and a police officer will promptly respond.


  1. Hey thanks PD for warning us 5 months later! If they posted the area and time citizens could help with what they saw. Let’s be proactive instead of trying to make Mesquite look perfect ummmmm kay?

  2. Neil Hendricks says:

    I’d bet the farm that the vast majority of these break-ins are being done by people using methamphetamine. Put meth users in jail for a long, long time. The successful rehabilitation rates are only about 10% by some studies. Get them off the streets and the burglaries will become less frequent.

  3. Phil edwards says:

    Has anyone reported the 10 plus robberies up in sun city?
    Pulte is trying to keep them quiet for sales reasons.
    The meetings sun city had with the residents are a joke- phil crappo beelined it out of the meeting ,disavowing any knowledge of anything.
    Quincey edwards offered nothing,but to blame the neighborhood watch for not
    Watching more.
    Sun city has lost it’s shine and is just another part of the hood now.
    Thank you ,hoa for degrading sun city .

    • Sandy Guerra says:

      You can’t blame this on the HOA, what a ridiculous thing to say. The police are the ones fighting crime. The meeting areas are readily made available by the HOA, they post emails, they are getting the community involved, they are doing all they can, they are not crime fighters and are not the police. They are on our side. They are there for you if you need them.

  4. Sandy Guerra says:

    Oh my gosh, what is wrong with you. You will never find a more kind and attentive and interested person in Sun City than Karey Belanger. She is devoted to this community and to everything that goes on at our Pioneer Center. She does not keep things from anyone and does not paint a false picture of Sun City. They are not keeping things quiet In fact, they have notified us by email of the robberies. They emailed us with the times of the neighborhood watch meetings. I have heard Karey discussing these robberies and issues and the neighborhood watch with many of our residents. These posts are not even being posted under your real name, fake names. We are far from part of the hood, but we are only as good as the residents who live here.

  5. Sick of BL says:

    I agree with Sandy. I am so surprised that Mesquite Local News continues to give this clown a forum when it is obvious these illiterate posts are from the same person.
    Karey Belanger isn’t responsible for burglaries in SCM; that is the responsibly of the detectives of the Mesquite PD. If you are so disturbed by the burglaries then do something proactive.

    • Kary balanger works for PLM-not pulte.
      And they were not notifiying anyone till the residents complained.
      Phil crappo,kary balinger,and all the other people up at the rec center
      Work for PLM management,answering to the pulte puppet ,quincey
      Get it straight,sun city mesquite is going downhill fast- that is why i moved out.
      Pulte denies everything,that is why they got PLM to go between them and the residents.
      Sun city dues will keep rising,services will keep getting cut so good luck at your sun city mesquite.
      Building is slowing down,and will continue to .
      Golfer residents have left sun city conestoga in record numbers,have come to ohasis golf club- many are considering selling in sun city.
      Check the numbers yourself-over 40 golfers who were formily at conestoga went to ohasis golf club.and many will be selling at sun city.
      Pulte and conestoga lied to the residents about golf when they signed-
      The misrepresentation came out.
      Keep your rosy pulte glasses on and when you realize it ,it will be too late.
      I moved 2 yrs ago and glad i did-ohasis treats us better.
      And the events at the rec center are a joke- the events all run outa food.
      And do not even serve the food advertised.
      Sandy – good luck -you will need it.
      Move like i did and step back and see the mis-representations.

      • Sandy Guerra says:

        I am familiar with all of that and I agree that the golf issue is dreadful. You are right, we were promised things when we purchased our homes here regarding golf that are fading away. I think its a great shame for golfing residents of Sun City. I still see a lot of building going on. I realize our HOA fees may rise, but all in all, we still get more for our HOA fees here in Sun City than other communities in Mesquite, and lots are much higher even than ours. I still enjoy living here in Sun City. In any case, you are mixing up issues. This was about the robberies, everyone knows Karey works for the management company, she does a great job, and she does a great job with the residents here. Our management company employees have no control over golfing of building issues, they see that our community runs smoothly and looks beautiful. They trouble shoot what issues they can. I can’t even see why you are writing these kinds of messages when you don’t live here any longer. Being a disgruntled former Sun City resident clearly makes you prejudiced against anything that goes on here in Sun City. Let’s hope the police do their job with all crimes here in Mesquite, and our Management Team here in Sun City continues doing the great job they are already doing.

  6. Aint gonna play sun city says:

    Sandy – i too, moved outa sun city due to the changing hoa landscape.
    Oasis treats us great,much better than conastoga golf course or pulte ever did.
    The pulte group is as much blame for the golf course exodous as troon.
    We gained over 45 people from sun city with many more coming.
    The robberies occur everywhere but i know pulte would not send any warnings about these robberies until the residents complained.
    And the rec center activities have certainly degraded since 2007 when i first moved there.
    The menu items are not accurate ,and i remember several events they ran outa food.
    How can a catered event ,with a accurate people count ,run outa food?
    I moved out of there a yr ago and over here at villa la paz we get much more bang for our buck,and control and feedback from the hoa.we use the oasis rec center and pool,and unlike pulte ,who was considering closing the hot tub during winter,ours remained open.
    I was totally mis-led by my sales person at pulte about the sun city -golf course relationship in 2007-2008.
    The food is much better in the oasis restraunt than 1880’s grill-service is also better.
    It will slow down at sun city as the one thing the pulte sales staff lost is the reccomendations from residents.that will hit them.
    I personally brought 7 people in whom built in 2007-2008 ,but that has changed.
    5 including myself have moved ,and i will not reccomend pulte or sun city to anyone.
    Good luck ,and i am sure your opinion will changed after you are pulte’d a few times.

    • Sandy Guerra says:

      Yes I do know you are right about the things you have mentioned. I know lots of my close friends are now golfing at Oasis/Palmer and loving it. You are certainly right about the restaurant issues as well.

      All of this started with me on the issue of degrading Karey Belanger — I already recognize all that is going wrong in Sun City with regard to golf/broken promises, etc. I don’t go to many of the events so I don’t know about all of that. Karey is not in charge of events, I was just upset at anyone slandering her name because I know how much she cares about the community and all of the residents.

      Thanks for you comment though.

      • Sandy,

        Moved out over a year ago and glad that I did as Mesquite didn’t live up to all the promises. Glad you like it there, I just happen to move into a Robson community which is managed so much better than Sun City.

        The golf course is actually for the resident, what a new concept.

        The food in the restaurants is actually made by trained chiefs and is good. Did I mention that the restaurant hold 150 people and is busy every night.
        The special event parties like New Years eve or Valentine day supported by over 250 residents at each function. Oh ya had a Great time also.They also change the dinner menu special weekly something that hasn’t happen in Sun City Mesquite 1880 grill in years.

        But I not complaining about Sun City Mesquite but just explaining the difference between a community that puts it’s residents first and not last when it comes to running a retirement facility for retired folks.

        PS Glad I moved even though I miss some of our dear friends.


  7. The thrill is gone in sun city says:

    You are just lucky enough to never dis-agree or question anything or anyone does at PLM-sun city rec center.
    I got and get along with the people there,i live in branding iron since 2008.
    A year ago i had a problem with an item that is supposed to be taken care of by the hoa-plm.
    They dis-agreed with me and iced me and things were cool for quite a while.
    The persons i dealt with was crapo-balinger.
    Balinger went off on me,started yelling loud in the rec center when i tried talking to her.
    Things have gotten better,but the relationship with her and other people up there has gone colder since PLM took over.
    Quincey Edwards tries to bully you and talks down to you.
    So Sandy,all i can say is wait till you have a hoa problem with the rec center and you will see how things change-smilin faces go away real quick.
    I know one thing,sales are being lost to Pulte losing homeowner reccomendations here.
    And i know when the robberies started up here,the PLM- pulte were not announcing them or sending alerts.Only when residents started complining did they get more active.
    So Sandy,all i can say is wait till you have a genuine problem and see how they treat you after that,including kary balinger.
    I believe the staff up there are all afraid of there jobs ,and the retributions coming from pulte if the plm staff,formally known as pulte , do anything but what they are told,Goodbye!
    It was a shame about the golf issue ,but shows the real face of pulte.

  8. Mr. Suncrest says:

    I moved outa sun city due to the inept hoa.
    At the time ,i lived there,the hoa approved my landscaping plan,then when i
    Put it in ,and the approved it,they came back 2 yrs later and made me rip a good portion of it out,after approval.
    Conestoga was also resident -unfriendly ,much different than described by my pulte sales people,who , by the way are all no longer there.
    Quincey Edwards ,pulte head of the hoa ,said the sales people never stated what all the residents said they were told-huh?
    Well guess what,none of the sales people are there anymore-the rotate them out alot so there is no accountability.
    Are all the residents lying about what they were told by the sales people?HELL NO!
    Well i moved to oasis and a much better enviornment-actually resident friendly ,even if you are not a club member.
    The truth is now coming out about the pulte mis-representations -that is obvious.
    It is time for a complete HOA overhaul over at sun city,one that is much more
    Resident friendly.
    And the the people who not have experianced the PULTE WRATH if they ever have an issue,please print this column out and guess what?-deja vu

  9. JOE FRIDAY says:

    Another break-in in sun city-see below- PLEASE READ BELOW FROM THE SUN CITY HOOD!

    Sent: 2/16/2015 12:02:45 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
    Subj: Neighborhood Watch-Prominence Ln- Burglary Reported

    Latest discovery is believed it may have happened at the same time the other Prominence Ln beak-ins as the residents were away. I spoke to Detective and he stated that he was waiting on a final detail. I asked him to notify me as soon as possible of the arrests. Nothing yet.

    Subject: Fwd: Prominence Lane Neighborhood Watch – Burglary

    Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 11:39:11 -0800

    Begin forwarded message:

    Subject: Prominence Lane Neighborhood Watch – Burglary

    Another break in on Basin View in Prominence has been discovered. The violated home is two houses south of the last home that was burglarized on Basin View and was entered through a small side window. The home owners have been out of town for several days and it is very possible the break happened on the same day as the last burglary (between 01/28 & 01/31/2015). The yard is not fenced and backs up to a tall block wall.
    Facts are sketchy right now as the home owner has not contacted Neighborhood Watch as yet.
    I was told the police were at the home yesterday.

    I have not heard of or read anything in the newspaper about an arrest.

    Stay vigilant and call 911 immediately if anything looks suspicious.

    I will update you as more information comes in.

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