Meet Mesquite’s new MX Family

To the Editor:

Hello, we are the Shaw family and new to the area. We moved here from Colorado in February of 2014 and have purchased The Mesquite MX Park and Oasis Gun Club along with The Adventure Park from the Eureka Casino.
We are working everyday towards the goal of having an outdoor facility that everyone can enjoy. For family entertainment we have the motocross track fully operational along with four other tracks.
The Gun Club has a tentative opening date of late April (traps have been hard to find) and we are working on this diligently.
We will have a hobby shop which will include indoor and outdoor amenities including an RC Track, Go-Cart Track, Adventure Park (from Eureka), Bicycle Pump Track, Bicycle Jump Track and a Concession Stand. These are just a few things, plus a lot more outdoor fun to come.
We invite everyone to come and enjoy our facility!
(Editor’s note: More information about the Mesquite MX Park can be found at their website, or by calling the track hotline at 928-347-5752.)

See you soon!
The Shaw Family


  1. Thank you for investing in our community and best wishes to your business 🙂 Don’t be shy with Facebook or other social media and don’t forget that St. George isn’t too far away and you can attract some great crowds for shows if you advertise on all ends 🙂

  2. This is exactly the type of thing that will keep our grand-kids chomping at the bit to visit us. Best of luck to you!

  3. Josh Wilson says:

    It is truly amazing to see what they have already done to improve this land and make it a recreational area for the community to enjoy. Polaris World is a proud sponsor of there efforts and believe there vision of the future facility will next to none.

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