Edwards reviews budgets

On Monday, February 9, Assemblyman Chris Edwards (R) District 19, a member of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, discussed the committee’s ongoing state budget hearings.  “Ways and Means is reviewing Governor Sandoval’s proposed budget agency by agency, and section by section. It is several thousand pages long and will take some time for us to sufficiently review,” Edwards stated. He continued, “I have been meeting with agency Directors, Budget Officers, Chief Financial Officers and senior staff regarding specifics in their budgets. I have many additional meetings scheduled during the next few weeks as well. In addition, I have had discussions with many of my constituents in person, on the phone and through Emails regarding their interests and recommendations, which I greatly appreciate.  I encourage all of my constituents to contribute their good ideas for how to save money, operate more efficiently and streamline operations.”

In addition to the governor’s proposed budget, Edwards is also reviewing newly released budget proposals from the State Treasurer and Controller and is continuing to work diligently with his colleagues in the Assembly and the State Senate to develop and implement the best solutions for individuals, families, and businesses.  Edwards stated, “There are many good ideas in each proposed budget and I am remaining in Carson City to review them as quickly as possible.  I am confident that we will produce a well thought out plan that the voters will support.  I look forward to meeting with my constituents in the not too distant future to let you know how we are progressing here in Carson City.”


  1. David Ballweg says:

    The glaring omission in the Edward’s press release is his lack of commitment to accomplish these goals without raising taxes as he stated in his campaign website and his campaign appearances. He is now completely refusing to making any statement on his current position on Governor Sandoval’s proposed $1.3 Billion tax. Could this evasion have anything to do with Governor Sandoval’s Reelection PAC, post election contribution to Edwards to help retire his campaign debt? We need to start connecting the dots! We also need to demand that Assemblyman Edwards honors his campaign commitment to his constituents.

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