Edwards needs to come to Mesquite

To the Editor:

There have been a lot of rumors floating around Mesquite in regard to the exploratory PAC to recall Chris Edwards.  Mr. Edwards is really happy about this because he does not have to stand up like a man and answer questions regarding his campaign promises; but he can use like-minded voters to do his dirty work.

Chris Edwards is not interested in fair representation of AD19.  He moved into AD19 from his home in Las Vegas to be able to run for the open Assembly seat in our district, renting out his home and establishing residence in a rental 30 days prior to filing.

So the notion that he is our representative is based on politics and nothing more.

Claiming to be a “victim” is priceless.  If there were a there, there; Metro would have by now charged someone with extortion.  What Edwards is doing is creating smoke and mirrors to make the issue of him reportedly trying to sell his vote, into someone trying to buy his vote.  Also he is trying to buy time to keep a recall from moving forward.  This is politics as usual in Nevada.

Those who follow politics know that votes for leadership in the Nevada Assembly put in place politicians who will either represent we the voters or represent special interests.

Edwards’ vote for leadership or lack thereof removed the conservative voice and is helping Sandoval in push his 1.3 billion tax increase forward.

8 out 10 voters in AD19 voted against the Margin’s Tax in November, sending the message to Sandoval and the Assembly no more taxes.  Sandoval’s new tax plan is a remake of the Margin’s Tax.

Any tax of this nature will be a tax on the middle class.  Business will pass the cost of the tax on to the consumer.  That is if they can survive as a business.  Sandoval’s tax plan will be paid by you the voter.

Edwards refuses to say whether he will support the plan or not, having taken a $5000 donation from Sandoval on New Year’s Eve to help pay off his campaign debt.

He needs to return to Mesquite and hold a town hall meeting with the general public and explain why, he moved to AD19 to run and who encouraged him to do so.  If Edwards were a true leader he would be working in public to unite AD19 and not divide AD19 with rumor and innuendo.

I voted for him on the belief we shared the same conservative values; so it was surprising when I read in news articles Edwards is calling himself a moderate.  Not to worry though, it’s just politics as usual in Nevada.

Bill Foust


  1. Frank Shannon says:

    Regardless of the tax issue, calling Assemblyman Edwards names and divisive seems like “the pot calling the kettle black.”

    I don’t remember Edwards promising to vote against Governor Sandoval’s tax plan. Supporting a Republican Governor is common for Republicans particularly freshmen. If you don’t like Sandoval’s plan go after him.

    • Tonys Take says:

      Edwards has more problems than simply supporting the largest tax increase in Nevada’s history.

      • You could be correct but it remains the same in the question of ‘Do You Want To Pay More In Taxes? Speaking as a Disabled Veteran, I can tell you that I do not.

        • You are in good company! 73% of the voters in Nevada feel the same way. That would include both Democrats and Republicans. We are all in this together.

    • Bill Foust says:

      The letter does not call Edwards names. We have a right as voters to question the sudden change from conservative to moderate as stated in the RJ.

      Edwards is using the Democrat playbook and appears to be coached by Sandoval.

      His vote is critical to tax increases as he will be the swing vote and right now he is swinging in favor of Sandoval’s tax increases on the people of Nevada.

      I would suggest you ask him directly (if you can get through to him via email or phone) how he intends to vote and I will guarantee the answer will be he is not sure, he is studying it.

    • Tonys Take says:

      One must choose their battles wisely. Edwards and Hambrick are the low hanging fruit. “Going after” Sandoval in a recall would be almost impossible. Edwards and Hambrick are another matter altogether. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by all the support, both monetary and volunteer boots on the ground, that the “Hambrick Recall” effort has received from across the Great State of Nevada. Politics is the filthiest game there is but you can learn how to fight for what you believe in.

  2. Tonys Take says:

    There is another place I would like to tell Chris (let’s make a deal) Edwards to go. It’s hotter there than an August day in Mesquite!

    • You forgot to fit Edwards with the means of getting out of the hole he has dug for himself. That being a Wooden Shovel.

  3. Ken Koeppe says:

    Thank you Bill Foust for a clear and concise statement of facts regarding your current Assemblyman’s peccadilloes & the Governor’s shady shenanigans. It appears that both of them are far less than what we Republicans were promised & expecting. Republicans & possibly others voted for a massive “sea change” in representation and the burdened taxpayers do not want “politics as usual usual. You are 100% correct. He needs to show up and be accountable to the people in his district. We in the north look forward to the mess being cleaned up.

    • Tonys Take says:

      I intend to fight this tax increase and I hope you will join me.
      Please volunteer to collect recall signatures, make phone calls or donate so we can print materials and hire workers. Everyone living in Nevada will be hurt by this tax!

      Please visit our website!


      • Tony, As you may recall, I do not do my banking using the web or the phone lines. So who would I give my donation to? Maybe I can write that donation off on my taxes…chuckles.

        • If you go to the website, there is an address you can use to mail a donation… or you can just drop by the house or meet me for a cold one at the location of your choosing! Or… Just go to AJ’s health food store. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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