To the Editor:

Congratulations on your reporting! It shows integrity! On Jan. 29, you reported that 3 black men terrorized and robbed a family in the northeast part of Mesquite. You quoted from the police report. On Jan. 30, the Desert Valley Times ran the same story, but omitted the word “black.” The next day, the St. George Spectrum (which owns the DVT) ran the same story and also omitted the word “black.” I think their omission was both significant and cowardly.

Dr. Donald Hendon



  1. Sure. Good Idea Don, Did we see this headline last April? :
    “White racist terrorist army lead by white racist Cliven Bundy terrorizes Citizens of Mesquite”

  2. I don’t think the story deserved a “bravo” but it’s hardly comparable to the Bundy headline. Bundy was already identified. These were 3 suspects not yet identified and thus their descriptions were pertinent to the story.

  3. “Significant and cowardly” huh doc? Is melodrama a specialty of yours?

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