To the Editor:

If you have home delivery Mesquite Local News (inside of the Las Vegas Review Journal) and add a gratuity when paying your bill, your carrier is not getting the gratuity. Might I suggest making arrangements directly with your carrier? (The RJ does NOT keep the money.  It is sent off to the company that dispatches and hires the carriers).
Jim Olson


  1. Gloria Becker says:

    I agree with Mr. Olson. I, too, learned from our carrier that she along with a few other carriers, were not receiving the gratuities included with your payment even though there is a disignation on your bill. I learned from the Review Journal that one check is sent to their manager. When they were asked about gratuities some time ago, they were intimidated into dropping the subject. We are now giving the gratuity to her ourselves. However, this does not change the fact that their manager could be considered a thief or commiting fraud. I would like to hear an explanation from him as to why he does not turn over the money designated for tips to the people he manages. What about it, sir?

  2. Mary Meyers says:

    The Review Journal customer service rep with whom I spoke assured me that the carriers receive the gratuities added to the payments, but I know that this is not the case after verifying it with my carrier. If you want to be certain that your carrier receives your gratuity, give it directly to your carrier! Do not reward the person who is not providing the service!

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