Spooky Halloween at Beaver Dam

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Sandy Andrus as a witch

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Sandy Andrus as a witch

From left to right, kitty Valery Garcia and pirate Tanner King waiting to fish in the fishpond.

Police Officer Corbin Allen arresting Mrs. Pam Stevens for passing out too much candy.

The eaglets at Beaver Dam look forward to Halloween each year.  It’s that spooky holiday that sends shivers up spines and satisfies a sweet tooth with many treats.  An exciting annual event is the carnival which is held after school.  A variety of fun activities were offered to entertain the costumed goblins.  Teachers gave of their time to run the games which included Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss, Monster Math, Cupcake Walk, and Fish Pond.  Students brought their families for this fun festival.  Many adults joined the children in dressing up for the holiday.  Besides the games there were many treats to be found.  Along with candy, guests were able to enjoy pizza and pop.  The Halloween ghost played the final trick when a pipe burst.  This led to flooding which closed the school on Friday, providing students with an unexpected Halloween holiday.

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