Remember driving rules

To the Editor:

Recently I have witnessed several potential car accidents at the intersection of Pioneer and Grapevine. The reason is confusion over right-of-way. Vehicles traveling north and south must stop at a stop sign then proceed when the intersection is clear. The problem comes when one vehicle is turning left and the vehicle coming from the opposite direction is going straight. Where right-of-way rules are concerned, the Nevada Driver’s Handbook states, “A vehicle going straight ahead that is already in the intersection has the right-of-way over one turning left.”  In other words this intersection should be treated like any other intersection that has a traffic light. Be sure the oncoming traffic is clear before making a left hand turn.

Kristin Endres


  1. Jan Sullivan says:

    I agree that this intersection can be very tricky. I encounter it every day on my way to work and it can be difficult to get through there at times. I agree with Kristin, but also want to add that if the car making a left-hand turn arrives at the intersection first, then it has the right-of-way over the car going straight that arrived after the first car. My question is why can’t they have a blinking red light so every car would have to briefly stop before proceeding with caution?

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