Paralong Drive Schedule and Info

ParaLong Drive – WORLDS 2014 – Roster as of Oct 8, 2014

Leg, Below Knee (9)

Adam Benza                    Below Knee (c)            Hellertown, PA                            28          R           First, Golf Instructor

Brandon Berreth             Below Knee                 Phoenix, AZ                                 31          R           First, Golf Assist. Superintendent

Jared Brentz                    Below Knee (2)           Nashville, TN                               24          R
2013: Open Champ, 358 yds
2014: Open Champ, 409 yds

Tim Herrmann                 Below Knee                 Belle Plaine, MN                          24          L
2013:  298 yds
2014: Open/Leg-Third, 373yds

Brendon Jacks                 Below Knee                 Prescott Valley, AZ                      32          R
2013: Leg-BK Champ, 344 yds
2014: Open 2nd place, 401 yds (1st >400 yds)

Dee Marinko Below Knee New Castle, OK                           34          R           Team USA Volleyball Paralympian

Charlie Rutherford          Below Knee                Minneapolis, MN                          28          R
2014: 338 yds

Tracy Ramin                    Below Knee                Montrose, MI                               42          R
2013: 296 yds, 6th

Josh Williams                   Below Knee                Kitchener, Canada                      29          L
2013: 319 yds, 3rd


Leg, Above Knee (6)

Kenny Bonz                     Above Knee                 Farmingdale, NJ                                        R           First

Johannes Grames           Above Knee                 Vancouver, BC, Canada             50          R           First

Dean Jarvis                     Above Knee                 Maryville, TN                               46          R
2013: Leg-AK Champ, 265 yds
2014: 299 yds

Vic McClelland                 Above Knee                 Okotoks, Alberta, CN                   55          R           First

Chris Osborne                 Above Knee                 Birmingham, AL                                         R
2014: Leg, Above Knee Champ, 332 yds

Christian Sidebottom       Above Knee                 Phoenix, AZ                        24          R        Cancer Survivor


One-Arm Assisted (4)

Brad Clayton                   Assisted                       Oxford, NC                                  47          R
2013: Arm Champ, 260 yds
2014: Arm-Assisted Champ, 295 yds

Lucian Newman III          Assisted                       Gasden, AL                                 52          R
2013: 299 yds, Arm Champion

John Rogers                    Assisted/Leg-BK          Apopka, FL                                                R           First

Rich Sainz                       Assisted/Leg                Tucson, AZ                                  46          L
2013: 200 yds
2014:  295 yds


One-Arm Unassisted (6)

Name                              Division                Hometown                                 Age       R/L        ParaLong Drive Exp., Notes

Dan Aldrich                      Unassisted (A)             Los Angeles, CA                          46          R
2013:  222 yds
2014: 267 yds

Vince Biser                      Unassisted (BD)         Baltimore, MD                             26          L
2014: 297 yds

Bobby Baca                     Unassisted                  Albuquerque, NM                                      R
2013: 240 yds
2014: 265 yds

Bill Frey                           Unassisted                   Goshen, KY                                               R           First

Alan Gentry                     Unassisted                  Louisville, KY                                             R
2013:  Arm UA Champ, 265 yds
2014: 310 yds

John Trenchik                  Unassisted                  Toledo, Ohio                                              R
2013:  264 yds, 2nd Arm


Paramobile (8)

Anthony Netto                 2 arm                           San Diego, CA/ South Africa       51          R
2014: Paramobile Champ, 295 yds

Matt Farmen                   1 arm                           Tucson, AZ                                  26          R           First

Jason Graber                  1 arm                           Scottsdale, AZ                             39          R           First

Tom Maneely                  1 arm                           Myrtle Beach, SC                                      R           First

Chuck Ochoa                   1 arm                           Rancho Cucamonga, CA            59                        First

Dave Sawtell                   1 arm                           Queensland, Australia                 48          R           International

Ivgi Shlomo                      1 arm                           Netanya, Israel                            58          R           International

Tim Surry                        1 arm                           Rancho Cucamonga, CA            45          R           First


Blind (2)                     

Scott Aughtry                   Blind                            Hot Springs Village, AR               31          R           First

Bill Davis                          Blind                            Rancho Cucamonga, CA            56          R
2014: Blind Champion 324 yds


Women (3)

Kim Moore                       Leg, Below Knee         South Bend, IN                            33          R
PGA Pro, 10 NAGA Titles

Tineke Loogman             Arm, Assisted              Aalsmeer, Netherlands                55          R           International

Kellie Valentine                Arm, Unassisted          Erie, PA                                       43          R           First


Hypermobile (4)

Hans Van Elven               Legs                            Pijnacker, Netherlands                              R           International

Ian Halliwell                     Leg                              Hawes, England                          56          R           International

Frans Harnsen                Leg                              Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands                     R           Wheelchair

Rene Olgers                    Leg                              Amstelveen, Netherlands                          R           Unstable


Traumatic Brain Injury (1)

Humberto Reyna             Brain Injury                  Liberty, NC                                  46          L
State Trooper line of duty injury


Triple-Amputee (1)

Paul Hebert                     Legs & Right Arm        St. Albert, Alberta, Canada         65          L
Triple Amputee, 30% of left hand


Quad-Amputee (1)

Eddie Garcia                    Feet & Hands              Las Vegas, NV                                          L
Prosthetic Hands and Feet


Oct. 16, Thursday
ParaLong Drive Worlds
Mesquite Sports & Event Complex, 1635 World Champion Way
Recreational, 9 a.m.
Last Chance Qualifier, 10 a.m.
Break, 11 a.m. to Noon
Round #1, All Athletes, Noon
Round #2, All Athletes, 1:30 p.m.
Mesquite NV Innovation and Technology Summit (MITS), 4 to 6 p.m.
Presented by Stratasys and Mesquite Regional Business
Grand Canyon Room, Eureka Casino Resort, Free and Open to Public
Welcome Reception, 6 p.m.
Welcome Dinner & Program, 7 p.m.
Town Square Buffet, Eureka Casino Resort
Athletes, volunteers, sponsors, ING Fall Forum, MITS participants and special guests
General Public Welcome: $30 per ticket/$50 per couple
Oct. 17, Friday
ParaLong Drive Worlds–Opening Ceremony, 8:30 a.m.
Mesquite Sports & Event Complex, 1635 World Champion Way
Round #3, All Athletes, 9:30 a.m.
Semi-Finals (Paramobile, One-Arm, Leg), 11:20 a.m.
Break, Noon
Award Ceremony, 1 p.m.
Age 40-44, Age 45-49, Age 50+, Military, Quad, Traumatic Brain Injury, Paramobile Two-Arm,
Women One-Leg, Women One-Arm Assisted, Women One-Arm Unassisted, Two-Leg Below Knee
Championship Finals, 1:30 p.m.
Hypermobile, Paramobile One-Arm, Blind, Arm & Leg,
One-Arm Unassisted, One-Arm Assisted, Leg Above-Knee, Leg Below-Knee
Golf Exhibition, 2:10 p.m.
Open Division Playoff, 3 p.m.
Award Ceremony, 3:20 p.m.
International Network of Golf Press Conference, 3:30 p.m.
 LIVE, Golf Channel-Golf Central Show, Interview of Champion, 5 p.m.


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