Really Anonymous?

To the editor:

Gordon Shepherd, President of the Mesquite Vistas Home Owners Association Board, in his message when referencing the petition ​​that was circulated for his recall from office wrote, “The significant word in this petition movement is anonymous”.

He implied​ the petition comes from an anonymous source and is an attempt to discredit the procedure.

​T​here is nothing which is more public than the petition.  Every envelope delivered by the U.S. Postal Service is labeled “Mesquite Vistas Concerned Citizens” or MVCC. Unless​

Mr. Shepherd believes that the names of the several hundred signers should be published​, charging that the petitions come from an anonymous source is baseless.

He has taken quotes out of their context and packaged them in his President’s Message, hoping to slander the efforts of those Mesquite Vistas homeowners requesting to be recognized and heard.
Petitions are part of a ​legitimate and essential democratic process available to the electorate to deal with allegedly unsavory elected officials​.​

Mr. Shepherd was invited, and attended, the MVCC website rollout to the public.  That website, hosts a large amount of information regarding the group and the people participating.

Anonymous – really Gordon Shepherd?

Portia Stuckey


  1. As a recipient of the group’s mailing, I was struck by the fact that no individual(s) would take responsibility for it on paper – like most of the other generally biased issue stuff that comes in the mail these days. Call it anonymous or whatever you want, it went straight into the garbage. I call it irritating and ineffective.

  2. 646 on the road says:

    So Mrs. Stuckey if this petition is so important, why is it on hold? I understand that the election is very close but if the (group) wants to get rid of Mr. Shepherd, who in my opinion has done a great job in leading the board and community, then move forward. Oh maybe the group figured out they had lost some ground, thats what I have figured out by talking to folks in the community.

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