Costs of flood damage continues to rise

Henrie Road damage in Moapa, NV.

Henrie Road damage in Moapa, NV.

Damage assessments in the Moapa Valley area continued today. As of this afternoon, the team counted 91 homes in Moapa that had some degree of damage. The 91 includes homes in the town of Moapa and on the Moapa Band of Paiutes reservation. The 48 homes counted Wednesday in Overton included a few in Logandale. The State Division of Emergency Management will continue its work and compile the results into a report that will be provided to state, local, tribal and federal agencies as required.  We hope to have at least preliminary results by Tuesday’s BCC item discussing the County Declaration of Emergency.

In addition, Clark County’s Department of Public Works estimates that Monday’s storm caused more than $1 million in damage to public roadways maintained by the County. The figure includes about $427,000 in estimated damage and debris clean-up costs in Sandy Valley. More than 50 percent of Sandy Valley’s dirt roads were damaged.  Sandy Valley is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

The estimated damage to roads in Logandale and Overton is about $243,000 and about $424,000 in Moapa. The most severely damaged road is Moapa’s Henrie Road, where pavement was lost in several sections. Henrie Road, shown in the attached photo, is a two-way road and a main route into Moapa. The road is open to traffic but motorists are being directed around hazardous parts. Pavement also was lost on Reservation Road in Moapa and Jenson Road in Overton.

Public Works estimates it will take about 30 days to complete significant repair and cleanup from Monday’s storm.


  1. The state should go after las vegas paving for ripping 25 miles of i-15 that has not been worked on for weeks.
    They removed the asphalt ,bare ground for weeks ,and that is where the majority
    Of washouts were.
    Las vegas asphalt does some of the sloppiest work i have ever seen.
    How does the state approve there work? An envelope-lol
    Worst contractors around

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