Bundy’s Irrational School Mentality

To the editor:

Ryan Bundy is right.  It is about the mentality.  Unfortunately, it is the Bundy mentality that is dead wrong, again.  I do not want Bundy’s children carrying knives to school.  Their rights do not trump my rights.  I don’t want any children bringing knives to school.  I do not want my child having to worry about an unstable child who is bringing weapons to school.

Under Bundy’s mentality, a knife is OK for any kid to bring to school.  But, it follows that if one weapon is OK, then it is OK for kids to bring a gun to school.  It’s the child’s constitutional right under Ryan Bundy mentality.  Obviously, Ryan Bundy does not believe in the law or the rights of other people.  Under the Bundy regime, school officials should follow the Constitution even if it means kids bringing guns to school.  It is pure insanity and puts all school children at risk.
My daughter is a teacher.  Teachers do not “march the children around like Nazi’s nor treat them like prisoners.”   Teachers dedicate their lives to helping little ones learn.  If this is truly what the Bundy’s believe, they should have been home schooling their kids all along.  I hope Ryan keeps his kids home and home schools them.  I am sure other high parents will give a huge collective sigh of relief.

Bundy’s philosophy is so non-sensical that it becomes downright scary.  The sad part of this whole Bundy drama is, as the bible says, “you reap what you sow.”  It started with Cliven who taught his adult kids to think this way, now Ryan Bundy is teaching the same mind numbing ideas to his children.  Obviously, it will be the grandkids who suffer from what Cliven sown.  This whole drama will not end well for any of the Bundys.

The Constitution was not meant to let stupidity be the law of the land.

Merri Ann Jensen


  1. Exceptionally well-stated. Thank you for speaking out.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I have an idea. How about the laws being enforced instead of ignored by folks like Bundy. I want to see the laws against disobeying court orders (contempt), failure to pay your obligations, interfering with law enforcement officers, threatening federal law enforcement agents, and trespassing enforced.

  3. I totally agree to what you’ve said.

    I too do not believe that teachers make the children march like nazis and treat them like prisoners. They don’t, they never did and i’m sure they never will.

    Indeex, very well stated.

  4. Are the knives pock knives, or machetes? what are we talking about? Mesquite is a rural area.

  5. The Constitution was not meant to let stupidity be the law of the land.

    But we have allowed liberal stupidity to be the law of the land….

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