Internet Upgrades Scheduled, Customers may experience brief service interruptions

logoInfrastructure upgrades to support Reliance Connects fiber Internet customers will take place next week, August 12 through August 15, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. each evening. During the scheduled maintenance window, customers will experience brief Internet outages.

The upgrade will take several days to complete, but service interruptions will be limited to the overnight maintenance window.

“We recently began offering residential customers higher speeds,” Customer Service Manager, Josh Tietjen said. “A lot of customers really like our new $65 package with 15Mbps downloads and 3Mbps uploads,” he added. “This upgrade is to ensure the best service and experience for all our Internet customers.”

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Customers may call Reliance Connects’ main office at 702-346-5211 for additional information.


  1. Now all that’s left is for this company to start providing internet that doesn’t require a land line fee. Its ridiculous that we are forced to have to pay 24 bucks for a land line many people are no longer using with the advent of the cell phone. Just another way to price gouge people in this town since they are the only providers. They should reduce their internet prices to better match companies who provide internet without forcing a land line in your bill. I hope people start realizing this company us lying to you when they state you need to have a phone line to have internet.. Unless they wanna call it dial up.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Especially since the phone line is metered! I live in a subdivision where Baja can not be added, so I am stuck with DSL, and I can’t upgrade to Fibre. It would be nice for them to lower my costs. It can’t really cost that much to deliver decent internet to my home!

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