City Council’s decision questioned

To the editor:

I can’t vote in Mesquite… but it was with interest I note the city wouldn’t let a tea house open on
Riverside Road, but a Marijuana business was approved in record time. Makes one wonder.

Congratulations to Kraig Hafen.  The rest of the members sounded like a Jay Carney press briefing.

Jim Olson


  1. Mr. Olson,
    How can you be so misinformed? Is it purposeful? ALL businesses need to meet facility requirements. The FACILITY for the tea house was not properly equipped for preparing and serving food to people. The FACILITY for a medical marijuana business has NOT been approved. Either it will meet the requirements before it is opened, or it won’t. Your statement about being “approved” in record time is also foolish. NO BUSINESS has been approved. An ordinance to regulate a type of business has been approved. Thank goodness Mesquite is making an attempt at moving away from being governed according to personal religious philosophies. Bunkerville will likely never do so.

    • John,
      As an FYI, I do go to Church and not in Bunkerville or to the dominant religion in Mesquite. Do not see what religion has to do with this……also, I was in business in Mesquite and have seen the inconsistency and heavy handiness. We’ll see how this all washes out.

  2. John,why did you interject religion into this discussion,that is the problem that people like you are murdering thousands in The Middle east,religious freedom is a right of everyone ,even non religious people,selling Pot is a Medical problem & money generating for the Pot heads and Cartel Bosses

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