Elected officials need to state their case

To the Editor:
I am a voter writing to let all elected government office seekers to be aware.  We are not all, uninformed, care- less voters.  I frequently see Steven Horsford’s articles in the newspapers– he is rightfully stating his positions on local and federal matters.  Where are the rest of you?  It is your duty to inform us about yourself– why you should be the person to represent us.  We want people in office that believes in America and our rights.  We do not want more of the kind of “selfie” representation we have been getting from our present officials.  Passing legislation without reading or understanding what is the in bill. i.e. The Affordable Care Act, which has constantly proven to be  a problem, because no one knew what it said, yet voted for it.  Incumbents have failed to represent we the people.  We are no longer willing to elect people on generalities.  Do not waste my time and your money telling me the name of your dog and how many children you have.  I want to know exactly what immigration reform would look like to you– what issues you would vote for or against and why.  What is your stance on local and national issues? Not your political party’s stance (since there is not much difference there) I want someone who can think for themselves.  All newspapers are supposed to be non-partisan informants except for the editorial page. So I am sure, once informed, your comments and activities would also be printed. Cresent Hardy, Dean Heller and all others of any political party –where are your comments?  Not everyone uses a computer– newspapers can still be a good source of information. Use them.

Bobbie Green


  1. Duggins says:

    That’s a very good letter, I agree with you 100%. Thanks,

  2. Mistrbill says:

    Can’t agree with you on Horsford. I am an informed voter and live in Steven Horsford’s district. I send out probably fifty or so information e-mails daily and I send to well over 200 addresses every time I hit the send button. I send to federal politicians, state politicians, county politicians and city politicians. There are a few that don’t like some of my mail but only one that has completely blocked anything I have to say or forward. Can you guess who that is?? You got it, Horseford. I hear that I am not the only one he treats this way but if he doesn’t want to hear what his constituents are for, he doesn’t deserve to be paid by we tax payers. Of course there are many more that are in DC that don’t deserve to be paid for what they are doing to this country.
    All of our representatives fit into this category.

  3. Rick Crain says:

    Nice letter Bobbie you are right on the mark.

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