What if they came to our town?

Mike youngThe situation on our border with Mexico is unbelievable. How could our own government ignore the laws and just let everyone in? Those people who we trusted to protect our boarders and our towns. I do hear the cry to “Help the Children” but we aren’t helping them, we’re doing more harm than good.

Our government policies are encouraging mothers and fathers to send their children on a very dangerous journey from which they may never return. Furthermore, the Mexican government is aiding and abetting these risky treks. Should we not wonder what’s happening to their border entry requirements? Who is taking care of these people on their trip across Mexico?

Why are these people (kids and adults) being distributed throughout our country where they will be almost impossible to track? What are towns and cities supposed to do with all these people? Funny our military can secure countries around the world but can’t secure our own. There are still many, many questions, but very few answers.

What would we do if several buses pulled up in front of city hall and unloaded a hundred or more illegal aliens, gave them each a bottle of water, then asked them to appear in court in a month or two, to be deported, then left? Most of us would try to help, but what can we do? Feed them, but we’re already feeding many through our food bank. Maybe take some into our homes, shelter them somewhere. Try to find some help on a longer-term basis. However, think about it, what could we really do?

Yes, some might find jobs however, that job would be taken away from a legal citizen. Teens and some minorities already have very high-unemployed rates, now more would be left out. Some say we need a “Comprehensive Immigration” law passed but we already have one. If you want to immigrate into our country, you must apply and wait your turn. If you come illegally, you are arrested and deported.

It’s true that some countries will not take back their own citizens. They want to get rid of some extra mouths to feed, and if they send them to the U.S., maybe they will send back remittance money. These countries don’t care if they wreck our economy; many are false friends, and we need to treat them as such. No aid, no trade and no entry in our country for any of their citizens or products until this matter is resolved.

Since Mexico is facilitating this attack on our society then we need our military on the border with stockades to hold any illegal border crossers. Our troops that are returning home from Afghanistan, what better job for them, then to protect our county’s borders.

Will any of the solutions be implemented, no the President just wants more money to “speed up the system”. A system that isn’t working, we need a new system and new people.  We also need a change in our government, not a structural change but a change in people. The President and many others have forgotten who they are supposed to support. Our leaders are put in power to serve and protect the people who elected them, not the thousands of new potential voters. The power has obviously gone to their heads so we need to make sure they are among the unemployed.

Mike Young is a retired water and power executive who resides in Mesquite. Graduated from the University of LaVerne he has taught communications skills and technical subjects throughout the Western Hemisphere. In addition to writing and editing technical manuals, he has a book titled “Speaking for Effect”. He has received some of the highest awards and recognition from both professional and public organizations


  1. You are so wrong and so heartless in so many ways.
    1. You say “How could our own government ignore the laws and just let everyone in?” so you must just not know the LAWS you want enforced. The humane treatment these kids are being given ARE THE LAW – signed by Bush!.
    2. Then you say “Funny our military can secure countries around the world but can’t secure our own.” and again show your disdain for facts and truth. The “borders” are more secure now than at any time in history! And the children showing up there right now are NOT crossing illegally or sneaking in because of insecure boarders, they are walking up to border patrol and asking for asylum, in accordance with the LAW you want enforced! This situation has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with border security!
    3. Next, you say “What would we do if several buses pulled up in front of city hall and unloaded a hundred or more illegal aliens….” First, these kids are NOT illegal aliens, they are primarily innocent children who are legally present, registered with the Border patrol and government officials, and waiting for the completion of the legal process that we provide BY LAW for children seeking asylum.
    4. Then you go on – “Yes, some might find jobs however, that job would be taken away from a legal citizen. ” The vast majority of these kids are under 16 and we don’t let children do labor in this country. They are here for protection and care usually by family members already here – not to get jobs at age 10. Approximately 90% of these kids are released for care by family members already in the U.S.
    5. “Some say we need a Comprehensive Immigration law passed but we already have one” WOW, Mike, even 85% pf your favored Republican legislators agree that our current immigration system is badly broken and needs fixing. But again, these kids are NOT here as illegal immigrants, they are refugees. Look in the dictionary to try to understand the difference!
    6.And then you say “…..we need our military on the border with stockades to hold any illegal border crossers…”. Once more – this current humanitarian crisis has absolutely nothing to do with border security….NOTHING! And putting returning warriors with the HIGHEST RATE of PTSD of any in our history to deal with scared hungry kids is a recipe for disaster. And your call for prisons for these children…well, that just doesn’t even deserve a response. You MUST know how wrong that is!

    Then, of course, you go on to blame the current administration for following the laws passed and signed by Bush! New Voters? The average age is under 14 and anyone over 18 is NOT handled under these child refugee laws. What is that legal age for voting in the U.S. again? And is voting allowed for non-citizens? You know the answers to these real questions, they just don’t fit your ridiculous narrative!
    One last thing, if 100 kids showed up here in need of help for a few days, weeks, months – I would hope the kind and compassionate people of Mesquite (there are lots of us) would redouble their efforts to help poor kids regardless of their race or religion and find a way to take care of them….. I would! THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF! That is the type of America, and the type of City that I want to live in.

    • Duggins says:

      Your both wrong, your carrying on the same Democrat,Republican problem we have in government. Lets start fresh with a new political party. The politics in this country makes me sick.

      • Mike Young says:


        1. The law that Bush signed was to help a different problem, that of child exploitation. It was never intended to allow everyone in to the U.S. Congress is now trying to close that loophole. However, under this law they will get a court hearing. Looking at the pictures, not all these kids are unaccompanied. Those with an adult should go right away.
        2. A border is not secure when it is un-guarded. These kids showing up on our side of the boarder makes them illegals, as they have not entered at a port of entry. If the border were secure, they would not be on our side.
        3. They are illegal since they are not citizens nor do they have a legal entry permit. What are they seeking asylum from? Recent reports show that there is nothing wrong with safety in their countries. It’s was the Presidents encouragement that brought them here.
        4. As far as jobs go, do you think they might get older and might just want to work or will they stay on government assistance? In addition, many of the people I saw were of working age.
        5. These people are not refugees, how naïve are you? These people and or their parents are opportunists.
        I do agree that the people of Mesquite, Nevada and the U.S. will try to help, but there is only so much we can do. Since you are so compassionate I would hope that, you would reach out and take a few of these people into your home or will in the future.
        Personally I do help with my tax dollars, some of which is already sent to their home countries and even more to support them on welfare and school programs. The bottom line is that these people need to go home and this is not their home.

  2. Bill Miller says:

    Thank you johninNV. Well said.

  3. Why do these people need to add more hysterics to this situation? People continue to make false claims that the majority of these illegals are Mexican, but every source points to the issue stemming from Central American countries like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Mike Young seems like he has a deeper issue with Mexico that he is not sharing… (possibly drank the water on his vacation down there once). People need to stop drinking the hysteric laced Kool-Aid provided by the media. Whats the deal with these authors not citing their sources? This is very unprofessional for a newspaper to allow to happen.

  4. Its funny how some people stand for illegal immigrants.what about people in this contry who legal here.what about there children.Its so amazing they come thru tunnels,river what just get to this country and there is they get all help, here u need health.dental vision no problem.but for those who work hard pay taxes who support free loader cant get squad.so u tell me were is a justice.
    I agree with mike 100%and those haters who dont want hear thruth screw u all.

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