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Obit Tamara GrossTamara Kay Gross of Mesquite succumbed to injuries from automobile accident on June 10, 2014. She was born to Trudy Ann Young on June 26, 1963 in Las Vegas, NV.

She is survived by husband, Robert F Gross; mother, Trudy Pappacostas; Stepfather, Les Pappacostas; three stepchildren, Renee Gross of Austin, Texas, .Stephanie Shany of Denver, Colo. and Danny Gross of Las Vegas.

Rest in peace my beautiful daughter you will be missed by many.


  1. Sergio Machado says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I was there when she crashed and was the guy who cut her free of the seat belt and pulled her from the vehicle. We tried everything we could but her injuries were very bad. If there is anything that I can do, please do not hesitate to ask.

    • Julene Lundsberg says:

      Thank you Sergio, I am sure you did what you could. I am so sorry that you had to encounter such a horrific ordeal. I hope you are doing OK. I am a cousin of Tamara,s and the entire family is having a very hard time. We are all still in shock. We will be having a Celebration of Life for Tam at the Sun City Club House on the 28th.

      • Julene, I do not know if you remember me from one of the holiday gatherings at Tammy and Bob.
        My mother is Suzy Jones and she is married to Bob’s brother Michael. We did not see a time for the celebration of life at Sun City Club house in Mesquite. Bob Called my mom called my mom last night and they forgot to tell or ask what time the celebration
        is on this Saturday on the 28th. could you please let me know what time it will be at the club house as I am making reservations to fly down from Reno, NV

        Thank you so very much,
        Michael. Suzy and Melanie

  2. shauna raso says:

    My cousin ‘Tamara Gross’ was far too young to leave us, proving just how fragile life is. It’s important to cherish each other in whatever time we have.
    We love you Tamara.
    Shauna and Mike Raso

  3. Sergio, There are no word to thank you for being there with her at that moment
    I am extended Family, My mom has been married to Tammy’s, Husbands, brother Michael for 20 years. We are all in shock and trying to figure things out. She was a wonderful, loving person and left us way to soon.
    Her Husband Bob Gross is my mentor and a Father figure to me. We love them both very much and have been having an extremely Difficult time with her loss. She always smiled and was extremely fun to be around. Tammy & Bob are family to myself and Stacie. We spent some Holidays with Tammy, her mother & aunts and had a blast drinking our eggnog. She was very loved and will be truly missed. I lost a great part of my extended family and my hart breaks for her real family and Husband.

    With our Thanks, Love and thought for all family and those who were there for her.
    Tammy we will always be there to watch over your beloved husband.
    Tammy we loved you then and will always love and remember you.

    Melanie & Stacie

  4. I have know Trudy and Tammy for 40 years. I am so sorry that Tammy has left.May the angels watch over her. Trudy and Les I,m sorry I could not get to the celebration of life, but you are all in my heart.

  5. Shirley Young says:

    Dear Bob, Trudy and Les, There hasn’t been a day that I don’t think of all of you. I as many, loved Tammy and hurt from her passing. She was such a funny and adorable child. I’ll never forget her dancing and singing to “Down in the Boondocks”. She made all of us smile for hours. I didn’t get to see her during her formative years but when I did see her again, I was in awe of how lovely and what a beautiful women she had become. I know Tammy must have been needed in heaven for she was too beautiful inside and out to have to contend with this crazy world. The good Lord has definitely spared her from a lot. I know your hearts are heavy but remember she is still with you. She comes to you in spirit and wraps her arms around you. She will watch over you.. I will never forget coming to your home Bob. Spending nights there and laughing the entire time. What precious memories. Thank you so much for having me. and thank you Trudy and Les for taking me. I adorable you all and will keep you in my prayers All my love Shirley

  6. Shirley Young says:

    Correction I adore you all and will keep you in my prayers.

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