Kudos to Klasik Kloset

Dear Editor,

The Desert Rose Christian Church in Beaver Dam, who also operates the Desert Rose food Pantry, would like to shout a big THANK YOU to the Klasik Kloset Boutique. They have showed faithfulness to families in need by giving beautiful things for the benefit of our community.

The kindness and generosity they have shown has had far-reaching blessings to many, many families.

We’d like to encourage our neighbors throughout the Virgin Valley to support this fine establishment.

Pastor Rod Hatter
Desert Rose Christian Church
Beaver Dam



  1. Patti Bjornson says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to add a Thank You to the owner of the Klasik Kloset. When I first came to Mesquite I didn’t know a soul in town. I wandered into the Klasik Kloset one Saturday and by the time I left I knew that Mesquite was the right move. Sandi Sorenson is like Mesquite’s own Welcome Wagon.

    Patti Bjornson
    Mesquite, NV

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