Just plain rude

Dear Editor,
Today I overheard a conversation that really got my blood boiling.  A lady was talking to a receptionist to make an appointment when out of the blue the lady asked if the receptionist was a smoker. The receptionist replied that indeed she was, the lady then said and I quote “Well you stink”. Now I understand how smoke odor offends some people, but I wonder why this lady thought she had the right to say something like that to anyone.  I have gone into many places in this town where the perfume that women have on is very offensive, it could literally kill someone, but never would I look at them and tell them they stink.  But perhaps I will start and maybe when I see this lady out and about with her offensive perfume she will get the same treatment that she gave to the receptionist.

Thom Smith


  1. A question for business owners and front line employees:

    Would you prefer honest criticism, or prefer that the customer decide to no longer frequent your establishment? A few months ago at a local restaurant the server returned from break with breath that reeked of smoke. I didn’t say anything. I haven’t returned.

    What should I have done?

    • This is a no-brainer. Should have spoke to the management in private and told them what you experienced….got an assurance they would address this with all their servers.

  2. Smell of smokers is sometimes bothering but being rude is a different story. We don’t wanna discriminate smokers but if you are a smoker and you are about to start work hours, it would be best not to smoke like an hour before. That way people you work with is not affected and you yourself will smell good. Just a thought..

  3. Alexandra P. says:

    Sounds like a really nice lady! I hope the receptionist had something to say back to her ;)!!!

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