Frank Werth of Kansas takes Elvis top prize

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The Elvis Rocks Mesquite Competition was held at the Casablanca Resort Casino Friday and Saturday, June 20 and 21, 2014.  The Elvis Tribute Artist competitors numbered 22 at the start on Friday, June 20, but after several semi-final rounds had dwindled down to the top 12 for the finals which were held on Saturday night, June 21.

Audience members were treated to two songs by each of the 12 semi-finalists.  The line-up was determined by random drawing and songs were chosen by the contestants as their name was drawn.  Those who were chosen at the beginning had the luck of the draw on their side and of course the largest and premium choice of songs; no two artists could sing the same song in this competition.

Tribute Artists were chosen by a mathematically calculated, 100 point system of judging based on sound, over-all look and movement.

According to Mesquite Resident Jean Johnson, everybody did such a great job.  Johnson had a front row seat for the competition on Saturday night and said she absolutely enjoyed the evening.

Audience members were treated to the melodious talents during the special guest appearance of Elvis Tribute Artist and Elvis Rocks Mesquite competition judge,  E-Rock ; a past winner of the Ultimate Elvis Contest held  annually in Branson, Missouri.

During the intermission while the audience was waiting for the judges to tally the score some time was killed by Emcee Rich Vickers who gave the audience a taste of why he boasts the title of the first ever winner of the Ultimate Elvis Contest sponsored by none other than Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis, Tennessee.

When the winner of the Elvis Rocks Mesquite competition was finally announced on Saturday evening, it was through tears and a great wave of emotion that winner Frank Werth said, “Five years ago I started this journey and I’ve made some friends along the way and I like to thank my wife, my family and all my fan club supporters who make this possible for me.  I gotta tell you that 4 years ago I was playing in Kansas City Missouri and I met two of the greatest guys I’ve ever met,  Mr. E-Rock who has a voice that could raise the roof off of any theatre.   There’s this other guy who’s like a big brother to me and said, “Boy you better calm your butt down and get out there and do this.” Mr. Rich Vickers.   Mr. Rich Vickers said, “Frank, you gotta come to Mesquite.” So after 4 years with Mr. Travis Allan… now I know what it’s like to win this… boy it means the world.  Mr. Robert Washington, one of the first Tribute Artists I’ve ever met in my life and saw on You Tube, thank you both very much and to all the tribute artists who didn’t make the finals, follow your dream, love Elvis… study him and may God Bless you all.”


  1. Congratulations to Frank!! Awesome job and well deserved.. See you next year!!!

  2. Geralyn Werth says:

    I would like to thank the editor and journalist who covered this event in Mesquite.
    I am forever grateful, that you have shared the exact words of my son’s heartfelt, emotional speech that took him by complete surprise to be announced 2014 WINNER Of Elvis Rocks Mesquite.
    As we watched every round of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, we saw many talented ETA’s that worked hard developing their craft to create a vision of what the “one and only”, Elvis Presley left as a legacy to the world, in hopes for a win.
    Mesquite has become a place that we have looked forward to traveling to for the past 4 years, and because of the beauty, and hospitality, we will keep Mesquite on our map.
    Frank has a charisma with the most humble heart, and he takes his responsibility very serious when he performs in the likeness of Elvis Presley.
    In the past five years, we have performed our show in the state of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma.
    Our greatest reward throughout this experience has been to “Pay It Forward”, just as Elvis did.
    We have helped raise thousands of dollars to victims of cancer, our local schools, Big Brothers, and Big Sisters organization and CASA, ( an organization, that helps young children who do not have parents or family to represent them.)
    Our business and show name is F.A.T.E., (Frank’s Attribute To Elvis), and it is aka Gernie Productions, owned by Frank’s parents, Geralyn & Ernie.
    Gernie is pronounced as “journey” for two reasons. Number one, G represents the first letter in his mothers name and the rest is his fathers short name. Number two reason for the name is Frank’s mother had a vision and knew that this commitment would be a journey of fate.
    If Mesquite would like to see a full performance of our show, please contact myself, Frank’s mother, manager, & backup singer. (785)639-3090
    Our shows are 2 hours of Elvis Entertainment, with Frank Werth & the Vibrations.
    It will give your audience the thrilling memories of Elvis Presley’s’ most loved Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Country, and Love Songs of all times.
    Once again, a sincere thank-you to Mesquite Local Newspaper and the Casablanca Casino and Hotel Resort.
    Geralyn Werth
    F.A.T.E. Manager

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