Mesquite is safe

To the Editor:

This morning I opened your paper and read the letter from Mr. Day of North Platte, NE. It literally made me laugh out loud.

Mr. Day, you could hardly find a safer place than Mesquite, NV.  It is still one of those sweet small towns where you can forget to lock your front door or leave your garage door open all night. It is a special place where you can’t go anywhere in town without running into several people you know.

The clash in Bunkerville’s outskirts is a good ten miles from here and was over in a couple of days’ time.  The only impact on our little community was an unfortunate traffic jam.  If people wanted to get involved they did, but most of us minded our own business. On the other hand, I lived 18 years in Wichita, KS, and I can assure you that you’d be safer here and without a doubt, you’d love our scenery more.

Do yourself a favor and reconsider your travel plans.

Brenda Agan


  1. laytonian says:

    After reading that the Las Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller WERE part of the armed encampment at Bundy ranch, I believe Ms Agan needs to get out more.

  2. OnWatch oute Vote says:

    But watch out for pizza places in Vegas and people with a yellow do not tread on me flag.

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