Dog days of spring for sports enthusiasts

Writer Lou and his grandkids Emily and Jimbo with a mess of fish at Waitts Lake

Writer Lou and his grandkids Emily and Jimbo with a mess of fish at Waitts Lake

As spring fades and the summer heat returns sports enthusiasts all over the country look for activities to feed their addictions to sports watching. Sports are mainly seasonal at all levels amateur or professional, but for high school and college supporters, summer is their bane.

What do these enthusiasts do, to replace the rush of football, soccer and volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, or baseball and track and field in spring? Some will send their children or coach at summer camps to hone their skills. Others will go camping, attend professional baseball games nearby or travel to faraway places. These are either expensive or time consuming replacements for most families. Going to a baseball game will cost families hundreds of dollars and most family campers go for a maximum of two weeks due to work restrictions. So what do they do for the rest of the summer?

If you live in states close to water, fishing is a great replacement. Fisherman can fish after work or on weekends. The cost is minimal once you make the initial investment for equipment. It can be an individual or family sport and it can be done within an hour or two of home. Those who live in desert environs, like Mesquitites, also have this same option. Lake Mead is less than an hour away or you can fish some of the stocked ponds throughout southern Nevada. There is some great fishing around Alamo and the Pahranaghat Valley. Get up early and drive to the many lakes in southern Utah for a small fee. Within an hour of Mesquite are Quail, Sand Hollow and Gunlock reservoirs. The beautiful Pine Valley Lake and campground with temperatures 30 degrees cooler is just an hour and fifteen minutes away. Fishing bonds families creates lasting friendships and most of all rejuvenates the body with great doses of healthy omega three. Kick out the summer blues, get up early and go fishing!

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