Police Volunteers Recognized

Capt. Shane Charles, Debbie Smith (Volunteer of the Year), and Coordinator Don Woodmancy. Courtesy photo.

Capt. Shane Charles, Debbie Smith (Volunteer of the Year), and Coordinator Don Woodmancy. Courtesy photo.

The Mesquite Police department held their annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 8th. Debbie Smith was recognized as the 2013 Police Volunteer of the Year by Captain Shane Charles and Volunteer Coordinator Don Woodmancy. “Debbie can always be relied on to respond to call outs for her search dogs regardless of the time of day. She also spends untold hours each week training her dogs and other handlers and their dogs throughout the tri-state region” Woodmancy said.

Department commendations and Presidential Calls to Service awards were also presented to each volunteer who attended. Those who were able to donate less than 100 hours during the year received commendations. Those who donated between 100 and 249 hours received Bronze Presidential awards; those who gave between 250 and 499 hours received Silver awards. Smith was the sole volunteer receiving a Gold level award, denoting more than 500 hours donated during 2013. Woodmancy had previously been awarded the one-time Lifetime Presidential Service award for donating in excess of 4,000 hours during his time with police department.

The Police Volunteer organization continues to need additional volunteers in two categories. “We are looking for volunteers who wish to serve in the Volunteer Patrol program or in the office assisting with administrative functions” Woodmancy said. Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age, be U. S. citizens, and be physically capable of performing the functions for which they are volunteering. They must not have any felony convictions or recent misdemeanor convictions. Anyone interested can call Woodmancy at 702-375-1126 for more information or stop by the police department during business hours to pick up an application.

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